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Transviolet + Magic Bronson

Transviolet with opener Magic Bronson at Club Dada in Dallas, Texas (June 5, 2018)

Club Dada is located on Elm St. in Dallas, Texas. Elm St. is always lively and filled with many different people, venues, and bands. There was a small line outside the venue and we could hear the bands sound checking and waited patiently (or not so patiently) for the doors to open. The venue opened their doors around 8:30 and everyone quickly entered the venue. The staff were super nice and easy to work with. They have a system down allowing everyone to get in quickly. The venue is air-conditioned and they have free water (a HUGE plus for summer time.) The venue wasn't packed so it was very easy to get up to the very front. Everyone waited and talked for about 30 minutes before Magic Bronson began their set. This was our first time seeing and hearing about Magic Bronson. Mike (the lead singer) is so passionate when he sings you can't help but feel everything so deeply. He is really into his lyrics and the music. The drummer and bassists were also emerged in the energy from what they were playing. I was very impressed with them. I will definitely be keeping up with them and their new music.

We waited for about 30 more minutes and it was time for Transviolet. We had seen them once before, but this time it was so close and personal. Everyone gathered in close and began cheering for Transviolet. The venue and stage are smaller so everything is extremely intimate and we LOVED that. We were so excited to see them again and hear their new songs live.

They started with Night Vision and everything was perfect. They sound as good live as they do recorded. Their lights move with their songs which adds the best element to their vibes. Transviolet's energy filled the room and everyone in it. They played most of their popular songs such as Girls Your Age, Hamptons, etc. They also played 3-4 new unheard songs and their new single they just released, Bad Intentions.

Everyone cheered very loudly for the band and Sarah continued to thank everyone. The entire band played with their everything throughout the entire show, which lasted about an hour. They danced and jumped around and everyone in the crowd joined them.

The show ended with a bang and the band stayed to meet everyone and take pictures (which we always appreciate.) Definitely a show we'll never forget.

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