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LANY + Transviolet

LANY with opener Transviolet at House of Blues in Dallas, Texas (November 12, 2016)

The House of Blues is located in Dallas, Texas. The House of Blues is that "one venue" everyone talks about. It's a huge venue and has some of the best sound I've ever heard at a concert. The sound person is always on top of it and is constantly making sure the artist sounds the best possible. We got there a little before the concert started and there was a small line outside the venue. We got patted down and headed inside the venue. It was already pretty packed, so we were towards the back. Everyone waited and talked for about 30 minutes before Transviolet began their set. This was our first time seeing and hearing about Transviolet. The venue didn't have any lights on for them, so the vibe of the room was a little dull. The band did not let that stop them from putting everything into their set and making up for the lack of "vibes" in the room. You can tell Sara is very confident and feels the words she's singing in her soul. The drummer, guitarist and bassists were also emerged in the energy from what they were playing. Their songs stuck with me immediately. Their number one song New Bohemia is definitely a song I will be adding to my playlist. I was very impressed with them.

We waited for about 30 more minutes and it was time for LANY. We had seen them once before, but this time I knew the band more. Everyone gathered in close and began cheering for LANY. The last time I saw them, they were opening for Halsey and hardly anyone knew them. Within a year, LANY blew up and everyone fell in love with them. (Especially Paul and his hair.)

They started with 4EVER and everything was perfect. All the girls in the room were screaming (maybe including me.) They sound as good live as they do recorded. Theirs lights and backgrounds match their vibes. LANY's energy filled the room and everyone in it.

Everyone cheered very loudly for the band and sand every lyric with Paul. The entire band played with their everything throughout the entire show, which lasted about an hour.

The show ended with them playing the song their known for, ILYSB. Of course, everyone went wild and screamed the words at the top of their lungs. Everyone loves LANY so bad.

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