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The 1975, PVRIS, X Ambassadors, Good Charlotte

The 1975 with openers PVRIS, X Ambassadors, Good Charlotte, and New Beat Fund at The Zoo Amp in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. (August 1, 2016)

The Zoo Amp in Oklahoma City is one of the biggest outdoor venues that Oklahoma has. Club Dada is located on Elm St. People start lining up the night before for any band that plays at the Zoo Amp. When we got there, there was a huge line in front of the venue. We went to the bathroom as soon as we got there, and someone was giving away a VIP ticket and gave it to us. So that was a super rad start to this concert. We got in and were able to get pretty close to the front behind the VIP section. I went up to the VIP section throughout the show to get some pictures and be closer. It's August in Oklahoma, so everyone is sweating a lot. We waited a little bit until New Beat Fund began. I missed a lot of their set because I was up at the front trying to get my photo pass figured out. But from what I heard, they sounded great.

Next up was PVRIS. We had seen them a couple times before. Everyone was so excited to see them play.

PVRIS always have this "I don't care attitude" about them. It's always awesome to watch bands put their everything in their passions. It's so inspiring to watch their fans sing every lyric and feel every word the band is singing.

We waited about 20 minutes between each set and next up was X Ambassadors. I had never seen them live before. I had actually only heard of them recently because of their popular song Unsteady.

They played awesome. Every person was so into their part of the concert. They all had such focus and passion. Their pianist is blind but he plays everything just by feel and passion. It was SO incredible to watch.

The next band before The 1975 was Good Charlotte. They are looked at as a classic rock band. Everyone has heard of Good Charlotte and knows their song The Anthem.

Everyone who came to watch them had their best leather, rock outfit on. It was beginning to get dark and cooling down. Everyone loved watching Good Charlotte.

It got dark and it was time for the headlining band, The 1975. Everyone was shouting for them before their set even began. The haze started to fill the stage and everything began to turn blue and purple.

Their music filled anyone anywhere near the venue. You couldn't help but dance with Matt and the rest of the band. They were so chill and free.

They didn't come out when we encored for them, which was interesting. I've never seen a band do that before. They're definitely unique and different. They are very confident and try to change the music game and they're doing a great job.

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