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Jason Richardson + Luke Holland

Jason Richardson, Luke Holland, Night Verses, Nick Johnston, Being Without, and Among the Missing at the 89th Street Collective (February 9, 2018)

The 89th Street Collective is a small venue in Oklahoma City that sees a long of different types of bands. On this night, it saw a lot of different bands and a lot of different people. The first band was a local band called Among The Missing. They were the only band that were not instrumental. They're a metal band. They totally rocked it and did an amazing job.

Next up was Being Without. They're another local band, but they are instrumental. They definitely have that Jason Richardson sound.

A couple other bands played. Nick Johnston is a single artist, but has other people touring with him. He's also been featured on tracks with Jason Richardson.

The band before Jason and Luke was Night Verses. They were incredible! I have never seen a drummer put more into his art than this drummer. I was in awe watching him their entire set.

Everyone was so excited for Jason and Luke. We had seen them once before and they killed it. We knew they'd do incredible again. Everyone was cheering for them. This crowd was really chill and just really taking in the music.

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