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Skillet at Frontier City in Oklahoma City (April 23, 2016)

Even though Frontier City is an amusement park, they have a pretty awesome venue inside of it. If you get a ticket into the park, concerts are free. So you can ride all the rides before the concert, go to the concert, and then ride more rides. You can even ride some rides and see and hear the concert going on. To get inside the VIP section, it's $10. Skillet is one of our favorite bands, so we got to the very front. It was very personal and awesome to be that close.

The haze filled the entire stage the entire concert. Even though it was daytime and they couldn't have lights, they still rocked it even without the "help." They had lines of smoke and fire. You could feel the heat literally and metaphorically.

I wrote John a letter because it was my husband's birthday. I handed it to him, he read it, and told Tyler Happy Birthday. They were super nice and talked to their fans. When they came to the very front, they gave everyone high fives and signed everything people handed them.

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