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The Ivy, Brother Moses, The Band CAMINO

The Band CAMINO with openers Brother Moses and The Ivy at The Root in Oklahoma City (September 23, 2018)

The night started out with Brother Moses. I had never heard of them before, but they ended up blowing me away. They're a band that someone may look at and laugh at because they seem "different." But they were so cool. They didn't care what anyone thought of them. They got up on that stage and left their souls on that same stage.

They have their own style with their music and their clothes. They know what they like and they sport it. They are vulnerable on stage and lay everything down.

Next up was The Ivy. I am very close to this band so I have seen a lot of their shows. The bill for this show mixed together so well. They played all their popular songs like She, I Don't Wanna, Gold, etc.

Most people in the crowd knew The Ivy so everyone was singing and dancing to their songs. The Ivy talked a lot with their fans. They played an awesome show.

The Band CAMINO was the last band to play. They were on a small tour and came through Oklahoma to play with The Ivy. They had met during the summer in Los Angeles.

I had never seen The Band CAMINO before. I had only heard of them from The Ivy. I had been listening to their songs a lot before the concert so I could know their songs a little. They have that 1975 vibe to them. Their song 2/14 kinda sounds like Chocolate from The 1975. You could tell they love what they do and feel their songs.

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